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Forchino - The Firefighter 21.5cm

Forchino - The Firefighter 21.
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Forchino - The Firefighter

Sergeant Germán Echeverría wasn’t afraid of fire. As a child, he loved to light his father’s cigarettes, he liked that so particular smell of sulphur which comes from just lit matches. His mother always said, “Don’t play with fi re or you are going to wet your bed”. In the fall, he amused himself by making bonfires with his friends and then by throwing handfuls of salt on the flames, listening fascinated by the crackling of the salt. One night, after having burned all the fallen leaves in his yard, he dreamed that he was near a large tree and suddenly he had a horrible urge to pee which he did calmly and with great pleasure. The following morning, upon awaking, he made the most important decision of his life: from now on, he would combat fire without pity. He went to firemen’s school and today he is the Fire Chief of his neighbourhood fire department. Everyone knows him as “The Match”

12 x 11.5 x 21.5 cm